2013 video, 13:56min

With a bird in a cage on my back I walked 90 km from the center of Sao Paulo to the Atlantic coast. I started my journey in the historic, partly worn out center of the South American Metropolis and then passed through the towns lively financial district, the “Gated Communities” of the upper class with its expanding shopping malls, well-kept parks. Then I moved on to the industrial area and the favelas of the poor, slowly leaving the densely populated parts of town behind me. Walking on my journey led me to the wilderness of the “Mata Atlântica“-rainforest with its indigenous people, the Guarani, that still live a very traditional life. On the fourth day I reached my final destination: the Atlantic coast.
In silence I had passed the diverse world of Brazils South with its plurality of social levels, its rich landscapes and diverging concepts of life – in a distance of only 90km and a time period as short as four days.
Title of my video “HOW DO I EXPLAIN MY BIRD THE WORLD” pays homage to Joseph Beuys´ work “How to explain the pictures to the dead hare” (1965). With my video I refer to his expanded concept of art (“Erweiterter Kunstbegriff”) and aim at recontextualizing it in the framework of being on the road.

Camera: Bruno Schultze
Sounddesign: Boris Laible
Editing: Daniel Beerstecher