When I travel, I am content. It gives me the feeling of being connected. To meet the world equipped only with the most necessary, gives me a sense of relief. It is about leaving with an uncertain arrival.
This tension is the source of my work. My art arises from a great curiosity and from the questions that I pose to the world.

Many people dream about freedom, about being unbound from the daily worries and to find adventure. From this dream, big money is made: adventure holidays, survival-kits for the city… The smell of the "far away" often has a high price. However, the promise of the healing power of nature has long since been mass-produced.
Others aim to climb the highest peak, to ride on the biggest wave, to walk the longest road. But what moves them, what is this all about?

Being in touch with people is a fundamental part of my artistic work. I'm interested in the perception others have of themselves, of their world and of the unknown world. To travel not only allows me to meet different people, but it presents a new perspective that lies beyond the usual everyday life. This way I can question established ways of thinking: between other cultures and subcultures, new horizons open up in front of me.

In my works I try to question common beliefs, putting to a test the notion of culture and, in a certain way, that of a "world order", searching for a new arrangement of these terms. I want to point to common and often paradoxical structures and behavior patterns belonging to a society ruled by finance. The impacts of globalization, such as unrestrained consumerism and the predatory exploitation of nature, play a central role in my considerations.

Even while we are aware of the fact that our relation to the environment has become unbalanced and that it might have dramatic consequences, the inconveniences to our lifestyle, if we change our approach to nature and our behavior in the world, represent a huge counterweight.
The conflict between society and nature is also manifested in my personal existence.
As a human being I draw my energy from the contact with nature, from lonely walks and impressive landscapes. As an artist, though, I rely on a creative context, mostly linked to the metropolises of the world.
In this ambivalent situation, I am a child of my time. Therefore the goal of my artistic effort is to clarify my observations, experiences, my knowledge, and finally my work and this way to create powerful images that serve as starting points for new realms of interpretation.

Daniel Beerstecher