RIO DE JANEIRO at Samstagsgalerie in Stuttgart




The idea behind the video project

Two drones are flying like birds in love, performing a courtship dance in the air, high above the city of Rio de Janeiro. They circle around; one breaks out and flies ahead to be then caught back by the other, reunited together they fly side by side, taunt each other, bump into each other and find each other once again...  
The sensation of flying, Brazilian music and the overwhelming scenery of Rio de Janeiro. The city lies calmly at the waterside, the sky bright blue, the sun is shining. A far-reaching view across the sea, mountains fresh and green, amidst it all the big metropolis, the beach, the little islands. Altogether the scenery gives the viewer the feeling of tropical ease, freedom, vacation and entertainment.  
The almost romanticized pictures are, however, ambivalent and contradictory. Two birdcages attached to each drone act as a stark contrast. The birds caught inside them will grasp freedom solely as an ostensibly tangible ideal.

The video work is financed by a crowdfunding action. More information can be found at this link:

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01.05. - 30.10.17 Residency scholarship at the Cité international des Arts Paris