(Across Sands Towards the Sea)
2009 collages


Concept (old concept of the meanwhile realized video "Sand am Meer")

The Sahara is a part of the world known as one of the most hostile for human beings. Without a local guide or the most modern gear, it would be dangerous to tour around this landscape of uninhabited desert and dunes.

Nevertheless, there is an irresistible spell that emanates from this region. Sunsets, the green of an oasis after walking for days in the desert, sand dunes, the most nuanced tones of brown, the loneliness, and of course the tale of the Thousand and One Nights.
Those who have already been to the desert many times know how intense this experience of nature can get. Social constraints fade away in the background to give room to an ever stronger synergy with nature.

The craving for adventure, for untouched nature and foreign cultures grows ever stronger in our society and individually customized tours are becoming desirable for tourists.

These aspirations are carried ad absurdum through this project: as a surfer, Daniel Beerstecher pulls his way from the desert to the sea, this excursion "Across Sands Towards the Sea" will take 3 weeks.

With this project, Daniel Beerstecher appends his earlier works that are based on similar concerns. The concept of the photo-installation "Hugo Boss/Sarek" (2005) arose during a 10-day hike through the National Park ofSarek which is located North of the Artic Circle and counts as one of the wildest and most desolate regions in Europe. During the whole expedition, Daniel wore a Hugo Boss suit, crossing rivers, cresting up mountain peaks, going across untouched landscapes. The photos look like a professional
advertising campaign promoting a survival trip for managers. This superficiality is however undermined by his knowledge of dealing with extreme situations, to which he was indeed exposed during his journey.

The video work "50°06’59,50“ N / 8°40’35,30“ 0" (2007) also aims at expressing the seemingly insurmountable distance between mankind and nature. In this operation Daniel doesn't expose himself to nature, but rather the other way around; he inserts the wildness into the urban landscape. With the help of smuggled materials from nature he converted a Suite at the Frankfurt
Hilton Hotel into a clearing for one night. Turf, little set trees and an igloo tent there as canned nature for the successful businessmen, who would fulfill their craving for real experience in the wild by candlelight, packet soup and bird chirp coming from a MacBook, in front of the Frankfurt skyline.

With this project "Across sands over to the sea", Daniel Beerstecher pursues this conflict in the relationship between mankind and nature, in which not only does he expose himself to the reality of the natural phenomenon of the sands, but also seeks at the same time contact and exchange with local cultures. The confrontation of each individual to the threatening but also
beautiful nature gets extended in a social context.