2012 Fotocollages

The desert, the sea, lonesome landscapes or simply the view from a mountain’s peak. Vastness, the vastness in which your view is not disturbed by anything and you find nothing to focus on has always fascinated me. Surrounded by nature’s forces you realize your true size, social problems become less important, your own horizon is broadened and the things that absorb you in your everyday life and seem important for survival, become less important. Whoever has been seized by this longing for freedom, vastness and silence, can’t get it out of his head....

For my next art project I am going to travel into the vastness of Patagonia. Here, I hope to find permanent wind, most of the time from a south-southeastern direction, which, in connection with the plain, apparently infinite scenery along the coast and in the pampas, will provide me with the ideal condition for my plan. I will leave in the best, as windiest, time of the year in February, two months on the go will follow!

With a sailing boat which has been equipped with wheels I am going to sail across the country on the country road E40 and on small lonesome side streets from the south of Patagonia which is nearly unsettled across the pampas northward towards civilization. Only powered by the force of the wind, I will be completely dependent on this element. In contrast to sailing on water it is not possible for me to cruise against the wind on the street. The direction of the wind has to be the right one to make headway. I will have to sit out a calm or headwind, always hoping that the next wind will soon make amends for it.

Thus, I will proceed northwards according to wind, course of roads and weather, aiming at Buenos Aires. I will go as far as the wind becomes a breeze, too weak to power the boat or civilization represented by traffic lights and power lines over the streets or a bigger amount of traffic will make my underpinning impossible...

As a result of this trip I will produce a video installation on several channels integrating my real, converted sailing boat.

A PDF to download with information for crowdfunding-campaign, you will find HERE

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